Increase Teambuilding {PROTOHACK}


Problem: How might we improve teamwork between members of remote teams?

Solution: Delivered insights on the needs of workers in remote teams as well as a web extension concept.

Process: Insights research, user journey mapping, persona creation, UI design

I created ALMA at ProtoHack San Francisco with a team of 4. We decided to apply lean design methodologies to our process as the Hackathon was only 9 hours long.

I led efforts to conduct user interviews, market research, problem synthesis, solution ideation, and was the sole creator of the web app interface. One of my main goals was to create a beautiful user experience that fit in seamlessly within a user's daily activities at work.

The original problem we wanted to solve for was to address for distance between members of a remote team.

I conducted user interviews and we synthesized a problem statement. We then brainstormed how we might solve for the problems that users seemed to have on their teams, whether remote or not.

Once we realized that many employees had a common issue feeling disconnected from fellow coworkers, whether they were remote or in office, we hypothesized that being 'in the know' regarding coworkers hobbies, activities and interests outside of work could be a way to foster teambuilding between employees. 

I envisioned our product as a Chrome extension or web app that would help teams garner passive interest in activities that their team was doing outside of work.

It would also generate smart suggestions based on user likes and dislikes to match you and another teammate for an even outside of work. These events could extend from bowling or yoga to professional development events not directly sponsored by the company like coding workshops or hackathons. 

The goal was to foster passive teambuilding and enable more organic relationships to form between team members. I included a social feed on the left of the interface to foster a sense of community and cohesiveness with users.

Our market strategy would be to target HR/People Ops as the data garnered in terms of which team members jive well together, and what types of events and professional skills the employees are interested in pursuing further, could be invaluable in increasing productivity, company loyalty and retention.