Christopher Lam Website Design & Branding

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But, he did ask me to craft completely new branding for him, which would be showcased in a brand new website that I’d build. In a very high-touch process that involved competitive research, coaching, photo direction, and of course plenty of trial & error.

I’m proud to say what I built accurately reflects his transition from that-video-producer-guy to Chris Lam, confident, bold, authentic and powerful entertainment host.


Christopher Lam, of Buzzfeed fame, came to me with a website he’d whipped together on Squarespace that was essentially a list of the videos he’d produced or hosted.

It was a typical portfolio website, and we’ve all seen too many to count. But in his personal growth from video producer to entertainment host and personality, it no longer represented who he was and his vision for where he wanted to go.

“The website already paid itself off! People have been using the contact form often enough that I’m very happy. It looks great.”

Christopher Lam

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As the web designer & brand strategist:

  • I worked closely with Chris to craft new copy to clarify his brand messaging

  • Help Chris direct new photography to create a high quality, visually stunning website to showcase Chris’s bold and authentic personality

  • Designed and directed new branding assets such as typography, brand colors, visual assets

  • Then tied all these new and refined elements together by crafting his new website