Supporting Children in Need {HackingEDU}

edukid cover.png

The EduKid app was envisioned at HackingEDU. I formed a team with a project manager and two engineers to create an iOS app that would connect children in need with sponsors in a highly impactful manner.

During this project, I led efforts to brainstorm, conduct market research and user interviews, wireframe and prototype our product.

Through user interviews, we realized that one of the most intrinsically motivating aspects of a donor-donee relationship such as this was the opportunity to have a positive impact on the children's lives.

However, with current programs such as Sponsor a Child, feedback from the children was infrequent and low quality (occasional letters and pictures mailed by teachers). Our biggest challenge was to create a system that would continually motivate the users to donate and support the children/benefactors of the app.

We realized there was a huge opportunity for technology to step in and fill the gaps with videos, texts and automated updates of a child's upward progress, delivered to users instantaneously through their phone app.

Not only would the EduKid app cut down on wait time, it would also connect users on a more personal level with the children they are sponsoring. Users would be able to see the immediate effect and relief that their donations brought to children, thus creating a positive feedback loop to encourage future donations.