Problem: As part of a product revamp, my team envisioned a completely new experience for jobseekers and recruiters on iOS. The challenge was to create an app that would deliver the best of our web experience as a job board to applicants while keeping the recruiters who would be receiving those applications on the other end happy.

Process: Insights research, prototype design, internal workshops, testing

Solution: I delivered a user tested prototype including job search, application tracking and messaging capabilities.

I researched competing apps and gathered insight from potential users through interviews. Working with the product team, we decided to change the traditional resume and cover letter upload to new media formats that could be easily captured through our app.

We also conceptualized an AI feature that would give instant feedback on job applications such as missing requirements or conversation prompts to help jobseekers begin conversations with recruiters.

One of the biggest challenges for me was determining the MVP as many features were envisioned for the app by leadership.

I led ideation and design efforts with the product team as the sole UX designer in order to ensure our product had the best possible user experience. Time was of the essence, so I conducted a week long design sprint with two iterations on the prototype and two rounds of user testing.

At the end of the week, I delivered an MVP prototype including the sign in, register, job search, apply and messaging (with AI/bot interactions) flows as well as branding and research insights to the product team to start building.



Problem: The challenge was to create a new, simplified signup flow for our users. 

Solution: I delivered a new signup flow with redesigned screens and structure for the website.

Process: Mapping, interaction design, UI design

The old flow had high user abandonment, most likely due to information and choice overload. It included a new user account signup, product package choice, and payment information gathering all in one.

Not only that, but as you can see from the journey map, the website's user flows were convoluted and confusing.

My goal was to reduce cognitive load on the user and increase clarity in terms of what users were signing up for to deliver a better experience as well as higher successful signups.

I created a new flow with:

1. Reduced screens from 7 to 4.

2. Removed payment from the signup flow altogether.

3. Clarified exactly what users were signing up for.

4. Simplified service choices.

My process began by documenting the entire site in a user flow chart. I then consulted with the engineering team to clarify our needs in terms of minimum data needed from the new users.

I designed possible new flows, then added visual designs to the wireframes for the team to execute upon.