How I Improved the Service Experience of a Swedish Anti-Bullying Org

Problem: How can Friends deploy digital effectively to improve their service for teachers/school staff?

Process: User research, client workshops, website design, user testing

Solution: Research insights, service suggestions, website concept and prototype, user test results.

My roles: Lead researcher (market and user), service designer, group process facilitator, sprint manager, client workshop facilitator, information architect, presentation creation and delivery lead.

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Friends needed a service improvement in the digital arena and also wanted to know whether or not teachers would be receptive.

I facilitated the 4 week design sprint and led the research efforts involving:

1. Client workshops

2. Online consumer survey

3. User interviews

4. Design sprint and user testing


I led in-depth workshops with the client in order to understand their service at a granular level as well as their needs.

Once we collected the service details, I led user interviews to map out both delight and pain points during the journey.

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One of the most critical things we verified was that the most delightful and useful parts of the service were the parts that involved personalized content regarding the specific school they were engaged with. We realized these were also the important points that had to stay in the in-person training and would lose their efficacy if moved into the digital.

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I structured a process for the team to cluster and synthesize insights from both the client and user research we conducted. 

We realized that the service improvement or product must save time during the school staff training sessions for both Friends and teachers to be successful.


We began ideation on specific points in the service we could suggest improvements and also areas in the user journey we could place a digital solution that made sense based on everything we had learned.

We identified the most likely point of improvement to be easily adopted by teachers as the current teacher web portal on Friends' website.


We created a quick prototype of a new and improved web portal, with all new video content and a clearer organization of data.

This new web portal fits seamlessly into the existing Friends service and is structured in a way that school staff can efficiently absorb the training information at their own leisure and pace.





The platform also successfully saves time during the training sessions by moving much of the generalized lecture training content from the on-campus training onto the web.

Teachers can now prepare at any time and have easy access to the prep information so Friends can focus on delivering the personalized and valued services in person.



In the new service, information is surfaced at the relevant time for teachers by the platform. The new Friends teacher portal generates automatic emails with clear instructions on how to proceed through the program as well as light reminders to complete courses and tasks to progress in the training. 

Of course, this also saves Friends' staff time on their end manually sending this content in fragmented emails with PDFs and presentations.


We then moved into user testing. I led the pilot study of user tests with the prototype and the teachers were overwhelmingly positive about utilizing the new web portal to enhance their Friends training experience.

We presented findings to the client and they have begun the process of developing an improved web portal.


Friends gave us the feedback that we helped them consider their service from a user-centric angle that they had never known before. It opened up their eyes to not only the parts that needed improvement but also validated a lot of the good they were effecting. 

Celebrating with our happy clients :)

You can view the Friends teacher portal prototype here.