How I Rebranded a Sportswear Startup into a Premier Swedish Cross Country Ski Company

Problem: Create a new visual identity for WEASE in line with their brand values to help increase online sales.

Process: Client workshops, market analysis, consumer research, web design

Solution: Research insights, branding strategy, a new brand book, and a responsive website mockup.

My roles: Lead researcher (market and user), group process facilitator, sprint manager, client workshop and role play facilitator, information architect, UX designer, presentation creation and delivery lead.

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WEASE needed a brand refresh in the digital arena and came to us for help.

I facilitated the 6 week design sprint and led the research efforts in which we conducted:

1. Market research

2. Online consumer survey

3. Consumer interviews

4. Client workshops and interviews

5. Design sprint


I led multiple workshops with the client in order to understand their needs and preferences. These included facilitated branding workshops, roleplay exploration of their pop-up store customer touchpoint, and extensive interviews.

Armed with insights about the clients needs, market opportunities, and consumer expectations, we began to create a new identity for the company.

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To that end, we delivered a brand book including:

1. Logo

2. Typography

3. Brand colors

4. Vision statement

5. Photography direction

6. Responsive website mockups

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 10.27.38 PM.png

We also delivered strategic insights about their current brand positioning as an eco sportswear company. Without the resources to compete with their competitors' eco efforts, we realized that this angle was hurting their market perception.

Swedish consumers wanted to see much more than a brand that called itself “eco.” Simply making their clothes out of bamboo fiber, as the founders thought, wasn’t enough and putting an eco label on their brand and it brought the wrong attention to the brand.

Using this, we formulated their new, stronger brand position as Sweden's top cross country clothing company.


The co-founders loved the new angle on their brand, our vision for their website, as well as the strategic recommendations we made to create a hero product line and pivot from eco to Swedish cross country wear. We kept them in the loop and took them along for the ride to ensure the rebranding was authentic and more than skin deep.

Here we are celebrating with our happy clients!

You can view their new website here.